A work van is used for delivery purposes, hauling passengers, and even for construction crews and material. They have a hard life and are usually driven many miles in stop and go conditions. When used for hauling construction materials for houses, they are constantly being overloaded with heavy building supplies. Keeping a work van properly maintained will keep it on the road working while avoiding costly repairs and downtime. You should create a proper maintenance schedule which will help your work van last for many years.

Check Them Tires Regularly

The tires should be checked for proper inflation regularly. This will help you get the most efficient fuel mileage. They should be checked for cuts from road debris as well as tread wear. Improper tread wear can be caused by alignment problems or tires without proper air pressure. If your tires show signs of excessive wear, they should be replaced. Badly worn tires can be a safety hazard, affecting handling and braking.

Oil is the Life Blood of Your Van

The engine of your van usually works harder than most vehicles on the road. Keeping the oil and filter changed on a regular basis will save you from costly engine damage. You should use a high quality oil that can handle the extra load and heat that a hard working engine puts out. Summer driving temperatures can reach 100 degrees in many areas, even more on blacktop roads in a city. Keeping fresh oil in your work van can protect your engine in these extreme temperatures.

Engine Coolant

The coolant in your radiator should be kept at a proper level with a good quality anti-freeze. Keeping your engine running cool will extend the engine life. A work van is a big business investment and should get as many years as possible to make it cost effective. This is another important thing that should be on your maintenance list.

Air Filter

Keeping your air filter changed regularly will also increase your engine life. Keeping dirt out of your motor will save you from damaging rings, pistons, and cylinder walls. It will also give you much better fuel mileage than a dirty filter. This will save you money which can be used elsewhere in your business.

Keeping your work van working will keep you on the job making money. The time you schedule for maintenance is very little compared to costly engine repairs. Having a tire go flat from trying to run too many miles on it is more downtime when you could be working instead. Take care of your work van and it will take care of you.