Los Angeles Vintage

One of the most popular vacation cities in America with loads of attractions is Los Angeles. The warm, dry weather encourages visitors to spend plenty of time in the fresh air and sunshine. Of course, there are the movie studios and Disneyland, but visitors can fill itineraries with so much more. This is due to the diverse activities found at museums, parks, arts and culture venues, and monuments. Here is a look at each of these with suggestions of where to have a fun time.


The Getty Villa and the Getty Center offer a cultural experience with world-class exhibitions. Splendid gardens at the villa have fountains and ponds with Roman, Greek, and Etruria antiquities that date back to the 6,500 BC era. Its location is in the backdrop of the Pacific Palisades community. The center is located in an architectural masterpiece with artwork from various categories including antiquities, drawings, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and manuscripts. It is the leading museum in Los Angeles with another more contemporary must-see collection at the renowned wax museum. The Hollywood Wax Museum is located on Hollywood Boulevard with the Hollywood Walk of Fame right outside its front door. Tourists should bring their cameras as this museum encourages photos with favorite star statues. There will be a few high end cars in the parking lot of either venue with celebrity status owners touring the facilities.


There are two parks with star status located in metropolitan Los Angeles. They include Griffith Park and MacArthur Park. The former is larger than New York’s Central Park and considered to be the West Coast counterpart. It has more than 4,000 acres of untapped spaces for hiking, bird watching, and bike riding. Its famed tunnel by the same name has been seen in quite a few movies including Back to the Future and Mission Impossible. The Griffith Observatory is free tour to take with panoramic views of the surrounding city. MacArthur Park is another green space that songs have been written about with picnic areas and walking paths. The surrounding landscape is filled with palm trees and the downtown skyline is in the background. Families can use the playground or soccer fields during the day and enjoy live concerts at the amphitheater or band shell at night.

Arts and Culture

Visitors can experience the red carpet at the Dolby Center on Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue on their way to shopping for souvenirs. This is home to the Academy Awards and a popular entertainment venue. Needless to say, there will be more high end cars found here when the major events are held than at the Getty Center or Villa. Another options is to take in a night at the orchestra at Walt Disney Concert Hall where the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Master Chorale call home. There is seating for over 2,200 patrons to relish the sounds of Bach, Beethoven, and others. The building is a work of art by famed architect Frank Gehry.


One of the most famous monuments in Los Angeles with more film credits than prolific stars is the HOLLYWOOD sign. It is located in the northern Hollywood Hills of the city on Mount Lee. A drive up to the sign should be done in the day and night to appreciate its full gravitas. The Watts Towers serve several roles including a museum, park and historic landmark. The work of Sabato Rodia is considered outsider art by an Italian immigrant and day laborer. It is a testament to the melting pot culture that is America. The Port of Los Angeles is home to the USS Iowa the last remaining battleship from the Atlantic Fleet that participated in World War II. Its current home is the Pacific Battleship Center with its 200 plus gun and missile bays on display. The imposing 45,000 tons ship has a length in excess of 887 feet.

Come prepared to enjoy your getaway to Los Angeles with a bevy of activities to engage in beyond the beaches and water sports. The vast selections of things to do will inspire and educated every family member. The children will be raving about the sights and sounds they were entertained by. Parents will breathe a sigh of relief at the affordability these options bring to the vacation budget. A caveat is to bring cameras and sunscreen for the daily outings.