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Routine Service

Modena Motorsport is proud to provide routine vehicle services in Los Angeles. We specialize in providing this service for Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus Maserati, BMW, Mercedes and other vehicles. You can trust your high-end vehicle’s routine services to Modena Motorsport!

Whether you drive a new BMW, a classic Porsche or any other high-end European automobile, the vehicle will need routine maintenance from time to time to keep running at its best. Though European cars are known for their innovative designs and quality construction, every automobile that hits the road needs basic service. Neglecting routine service can cause serious problems that may require expensive repairs.

The most basic of all maintenance services is regular oil changes. Oil works to protect automotive engines from excessive wear by reducing the friction between pistons and cylinder walls and other moving parts. In addition, car designers use the movement of oil through the engine as a way of cooling the engine and a method of removing contaminants from the combustion chamber. When oil is not change regularly, or the improper type oil is used, the service life and performance of an engine may be negatively impacted. Oil type makes an even bigger impact on precision European engines that were manufactured to tighter tolerances than many conventional automobiles.

To get peak performance from an automobile, the vehicle needs to have tires that are evenly worn, properly inflated and precisely balanced. Having these basic services performed at least every few months will help to improve the performance of a vehicle and reduce the amount of wear and tear that the vehicle experiences. An annual inspection of the shocks, struts and other suspension components will also help to assure that a vehicle is in top shape for the road. Having tire service tasks competed also provides a technician an opportunity to inspect brake and steering systems and other components for replacement or adjustment.

While some automotive components such as oil and tires wear relatively quickly, others such as transmission fluid, spark plugs and air filters will reliably work for many years. However, even the most reliable of components will fail from time to time. For this reason, automobile manufacturers recommend inspection and / or replacement of certain components on a regular basis. An experienced service technician will be able to check manufacturer recommendations to make certain that a vehicle has been properly serviced according to the manufacturer’s service schedule. Failing to have proper maintenance completed on schedule can also result in the cancellation of a factory or extended warranty.  If you decide your car is beyond repair, there is always the possibility of selling your broken vehicle.

A properly serviced car will run better and last longer than one that is neglected. In addition to performance, routine service is also needed to keep a vehicle in safe operating condition. Best of all, routine maintenance is inexpensive and will result in significant savings over time as well maintained cars will not require frequent repairs.

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