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​Pre-Purchase Inspections

Modena Motorsport is proud to provide pre-purchase inspections in Los Angeles. We specialize in providing this service for Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, McLaren, Lotus and other vehicles. You can trust your high-end vehicle to Modena Motorsport!

The Ultimate Driving Experience

Purchasing a performance or luxury vehicle should be thoroughly exciting. One of the most important ways to guarantee your satisfaction with your purchase is to ensure that all of the vehicle’s components are in good condition and have no history of damage, excessive wear, or other unexpected problems. This is where a Pre-Purchase Inspection comes in. By having your new vehicle inspected by an automotive service professional, you can protect your investment, and make sure that the vehicle you intend to purchase is truly the exotic thrill-machine you’ve been waiting for.

Pursuing a Quality Inspection

When seeking a reputable inspection, it is important to consider the quality and experience of the individual(s) performing the inspection. Here are some things to consider:

  • Does the company provide inspection for all makes/models, or solely for the make you intend to purchase?
  • Does the company have any history of customer ratings that can give insight into the quality of service received?
  • What are the details of the inspection “points”? For example, is a “120-point” inspection necessarily better than a “60-point” inspection?

High performance and luxury vehicles often have systems that are more complex, or more specialized than those of conventional manufacturers. For this reason, pursuing an inspection from a specialized shop is often a wise decision. For example, an inspection from a company that only services Mercedes might be a wiser choice than one from a generalized all makes, all models company. In addition, specialty shops can often answer questions about common warning signs, frequently replaced parts, and other model- and manufacturer-specific information that might not be available from another inspection service.

Especially when it comes to luxury vehicles, word usually spreads about quality of service from dealerships, and customer reviews through sites such as Yelp are an excellent way to learn from their experiences. Although a particular shop might advertise well and show promise, it’s still possible to have a hidden history of poor quality work. For this reason, it’s always best to check what other customers have said about a particular company; if others have been greatly satisfied, chances are you will be, as well.

Perhaps the most important part of an inspection is exactly what the inspection entails. Although some dealerships or other companies offer a numerical point inspection, there is no industry standard regarding what a “point” means. For example, one inspection might consider each individual tire a separate point of inspection, while another considers all four a single point. For this reason, finding out exactly what an inspection will involve is crucial when making a decision. While it is important that every part of a vehicle receive a proper inspection, the key areas are the engine and engine compartment (cylinder head, block, intake, exhaust, lubrication and cooling systems), transmission, drivetrain (driveshaft, differential, and drive axles) brakes, and steering and suspension (wheels, tires, shocks, steering rack, etc).

Protect Your Investment

In addition to a Pre-Purchase Incpection, it is important to perform all recommended maintenance and schedule subsequent inspections regularly. This involves more than just oil changes and tire rotation; check the manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure everything is properly maintained. Part of enjoying your new vehicle is having it running at its best, and giving your vehicle the care it deserves will ensure it continues to thrill for years to come.

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