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Where is the Porsche Brand From?

For several decades, Porsche has been widely known as one of the mot refined and reliable luxury automobile brands on the market. Widely available throughout Europe, Asia, and North and South America, it might be a bit difficult for some car buyers to discern exactly which country is responsible for bringing the Porsche brand to market.

With a distinctive design, excellent reliability, and unparalleled engine power, however, it’s clear that Porsche bears many of the hallmarks that characterize the German automobile industry. The exact history behind this modern luxury retailer dates back to the years before the second World War; this history, along with a German manufacturing tradition, is key to Porsche’s appeal among consumers looking for the latest in luxury driving.

Consumers Looking for Luxury Find it in Stuttgart, Germany

Porsche’s roots can be traced back to 1931, when German automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche founded a company officially named “Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH.” The company’s original goal actually did not involve the manufacture and sale of automobiles. Instead, Ferdinand Porsche established the company as an automotive consulting company that focused heavily on research and development. The main goal of the company at that time was to look into new technologies and manufacturing processes that could make the typical automobile easier and more affordable to produce. As a result, these automobiles would find mass-market appeal.

It was this intellectual tradition in automotive consulting that gave the company its first broad mission. The German government charged the fledgling company with developing a “car for the people.” Part of this mission involved creating a consumer-grade automobile that was durable, easy to produce, and affordable on a typical, middle-class salary. The vehicle become known as the “Volkswagen,” and was eventually branded as such. After years of research and development, it was the original Porsche company that brought the Volkswagen Beetle to market in Germany. Some time later, the Beetle brand went international and the car was made available for sale in most major European and American markets.

German Luxury: Origination of the Modern Porsche Brand

German ingenuity originally inspired Ferdinand Porsche’s company to create a widely accessible automobile for all, but that’s not where the Porsche brand would eventually find massive success. Instead, the roots of modern German luxury began in 1947 when Ferdinand’s son, Ferry Porsche, decided to create his own automobile. The car, in development for over a year, was eventually road-certified in 1948 and manufactured by “Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH.” Known as the Porsche 356, the car was the first Porsche-branded automobile sold to consumers, alongside the Porsche 360.

These early Porsche models were built for speed and luxury, and would set the tone for the brand over the course of the next 70 years. Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, Porsche was hard at work on its Spyder brand of sports cars. That brand remains today, as one of the fastest and most advanced luxury sports car marques available internationally. Porsche also refined the luxury driving experience with a series of coupes and sedans, and eventually the Cayenne SUV for buyers who wanted something a bit bigger without sacrificing overall quality.

Porsche Engineering Remains its Differentiating Feature

German engineering has always been a hallmark of the Porsche experience, whether designing, selling, or driving the cars produced in Stuttgart. To that end, a recent study found that 97.4 percent of Porsche cars sold in the past 25 years are still on the road. Furthermore, a second study found that Porsche is currently the world’s most prestigious luxury car.

A survey of 500 households with incomes over $200,000 per year found Porsche to be the most “aspirational” and reliable luxury brand, as well as the most popular brand of ownership among these high-income buyers. That might help explain why Porsche’s sales have more than tripled from a little over 50,000 annual units in 2002 to more than 150,000 annual units in 2015.

A Global Brand with International Manufacturing

Though the Porsche brand remains headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, where it was founded, the brand has more than tripled its sales over the past 15 years. That has required branching out and adopting international sourcing and manufacturing processes. Today, Porsche racing and luxury cars are available for sale throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, with manufacturing located on several continents.

Though the company has grown by leaps and bounds, especially in the 21st century, its identity as a German luxury retailer has remained firmly intact. Porsche still aspires to sell the fastest and most powerful cars on the market, with innovative technological features and comfortable amenities that place it on par with its German peers. Alongside Volkswagen, whose legacy originated with Porsche, the company represents the best-known luxury and racing brand around the world.

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