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Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz was founded by Karl Benz, Emilly Jellinek, Gottlieb Daimler and Wielheim Maybach. It has production facilities in more than 93 locations spread across 17 countries and five continents.

Many technical advances in the automobile industry were first introduced by Mercedes-Benz. They include:

  1. Crumple zone: This is a part of a vehicle that is designed to crumple in the case of an accident to absorb the energy of the crash. The innovation was first used in the Mercedes W111.
  2. Anti-locking braking system: This is a system that allows the wheels to maintain rotation on the surface while applying brakes. The system avoids skidding. The Mercedes-Benz W116 was the first production car to use the anti-lock braking system (ABS) in 1978.
  3. Air-bags: Air-bags are now a must-have for all safety oriented vehicles. The idea was first used in the S-Class W126 model in 1981.
  4. Belt Pre-tensioners: Pre-tensioners tighten the seatbelts up to an optimum accident position.
  5. Electronic Power Steering: This is the use of an electric motor to augment the steering effort of the wheel.

Also, Mercedes models are equipped with the latest technology that ensures a seamless driving experience. A few of these innovations are listed below.


Distronic Plus is a cruise control mechanism that adapts the speed according to the vehicle ahead. The mechanism helps synchronize speeds and reduce chances of an accident.


This enables you to lock and unlock your car without pressing the corresponding keys. It uses wireless technology to sense the driver’s presence.

mbrace Technology

mbrace allows one to communicate with the car. The application comes in different packages. The mbrace connect package, for example, allows you to connect to your car and start it, lock the doors or even send the navigation address. All these are made possible through the use of the Mercedes me application.
These following are the top five Mercedes series.

S-Class Sedan

This one comes in a sleek design that is meant to provide minimum resistance to air. It is a beauty to see it cruise through the road while maintaining its unique design.
Acceleration: Some models have two Direct Injection Biturbo V8 engines. Others are equipped with Biturbo V6, V12s or even the 9-speed for newer models.
Intelligent drive: Capable of sensing incoming danger at a distance and to a span of 360 degrees. The auto-sensing can alert the driver or brake autonomously.
High-resolution dual display: It consists of a 12.3-inch screen of high resolution. This brings the outside world right into the driver’s view and makes the controls much easier to handle.
Stereo: The s-class is equipped with a Sirius-X radio as well as well as an Internet radio. It is coupled with two sound systems from Burmester. The entertainment bit is well covered on this particular series.

Mercedes-Benz mbrace: The mbrace connectivity ensures a secure and uninterrupted communication with the car.
The most popular s-series models include the S550 sedan, S600 sedan, and AMG S63. The S550e is another hybrid model in the s-series.


The GLE SUVs provide a friendly environment for family use. Its design is a joy to view, and the interior comfort is unmatched by any other model.
Design: It has LED lights capable of daytime lighting that gives it a lasting impression.
The GLE SUV is a versatile series too. It can be plugged into electricity or powered from gasoline or diesel fuels. The different models available in this series offer a range of choices to select from. The engine types vary from the V6 to the 50MPGe hybrid.

4MATIC is a standard system on all GLE SUVs. 4MATIC is a four-wheel drive system designed by Mercedes that automatically increases traction on slippery roads. This enables the system to be effective at all times.

The GLE SUV can comfortably accommodate five adults. It has an 80-cubic feet volume that is attributed to the 60/40 split-folding rear seats.
Intelligent Drive: The active brake assistant can help avoid accidents by braking autonomously.


The G-Class SUV is an off-road option from Mercedes. Unlike most off-road machines, the G-Class SUV is comfortable to cruise in and has a beautiful design too. It has three sequentially lockable differentials to help navigate the tough off-road terrain. The horsepower of this series ranges from 400 to 600hp. On the road, it cruises smoothly.

The G-Class is equipped with the universal technical features found in other Mercedes. These include mbrace capabilities.


The E-Class wagon is perfect for family use. It has enough space for both passengers and luggage. It can accommodate up to seven adults. It is also equipped with the standard 4MATIC transmission that works well with its light weight. The E350 4MATIC Wagon can accelerate from zero to 60mph in 6.1 seconds with a horsepower of 302hp.


This one is a two-seater specifically made for car enthusiasts and speed lovers. The engine is turbocharged. It also consists of a paddle-shifted 9-speed automatic transmission. The roadster has five driving modes designed to cater for varied conditions. The modes vary the shifting, throttle, steering and many other aspects. The roadster comes already installed with Apple CarPlay for an ultimate entertaining experience.

Mercedes-Benz has transformed the automobile industry. From the first automobile to the latest models of cars, they are the pioneers and leaders of the industry. They have managed to live up to their expectations, the best or nothing.

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Los Angeles, better known as L.A. or even its nickname “The City of Angels,” is one of the largest cities in the United States and one of the most well known ones, as well. Known for outstanding sports, Hollywood, and being home to millions of people (and maybe the densest population of famous individuals in the world), this city is home to nearly 4 million residents direct (and tens of millions when adding in the greater LA area) and plays host to an incredible 45.5 million tourists every single year.

Why is L.A. so popular? Beautiful architecture and people, stunning culture, and beautiful weather and surroundings add up to an incredible combination that makes this an absolute stunning place to visit.

Looking At World Famous Sports Scene

Basketball fans know the L.A. Lakers as one of the truly giant franchises in the history of professional basketball as they have been home to over a dozen of hall of fame players and since 1980 have won an eye-popping 10 of 36 NBA Finals. Walt Chamberlin and Kareem Abdul-Jabar gave way to Magic Johnson who gave way to Shaq and Kobe. There’s no arguing with their consistent ability to create winners.

The L.A. Dodgers are frequently a baseball powerhouse who have competed for their share of pennants in the National League, and football is making its return after losing the Rams and Raiders a couple of decades ago. Even hockey has made a major impact as the Kings had some killer seasons after pulling “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky from Edmonton.

There is a serious combination of new blood and old school tradition with professional sports in LA which keeps the scene vibrant and exciting as ever in a city where you really have to work to get attention from everything else that is available. There’s also the LA Clippers, but they’ve more than struggled a bit to make their mark in a positive way in the NBA.

Some Fun Facts

Beverly Hills is one of the richest suburbs in America and is seen as being synonymous with extreme wealth but if you go back for enough they were a farm/ranch that specialized in lima beans. Quite a change from past to present.

The Hollywood sign used to actually spell out “Hollywoodland” and had nothing to do with movie stars but was actually an attempt to pitch an early real estate development project.

Chicago wasn’t the only city that was doing crazy things during Prohibition, and Seattle isn’t the only west coast city with a tunnel system. Los Angeles has 11 miles worth of hidden tunnels that are actually known and discovered – there could be even more! These were used for running liquor underground, as well as a variety of other questionable activities and some brave explorers try to still visit them though because of the yearly number of earthquakes, it is officially strongly discouraged.

The original settlement was founded by the Spanish in 1781.

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