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For years, the Maserati marque has been synonymous with exotic high performance, refinement and distinctly Italian style. Maserati has been in business since the early 20th century, when the four Maserati brothers were building 2-lire Grand Prix cars. Over the years, Maserati has changed hands several times and has gotten in and out of the race-car business, but in the years following WWII the company truly hit its stride.

In 1957, Maserati introduced the 3500 GT, a game-changing design that was the company’s first true Grand Tourer and first series-produced car. The 3500 GT featured a tubular frame, 3.5 liter inline-six engine and a handsome aluminum body, and was available as a coupe or convertible. The 3500 GT helped the company immensely after its withdrawal from the racing arena, and gave them the momentum for models like the Sebring (1962), Quattroporte sedan (1963) and the sexy Ghibli coupe (1967). These Maserati models still stand as timeless designs and examples of the company’s flair for distinctive, svelte cars that make a real statement.

In 1968, the company was taken over by Citroen and was instrumental in the design of Citroen’s flagship car, the SM. In the end, the Quattroporte II shared many of its mechanical details with the Citroen SM. It was also during this period that Maserati introduced their first mid-engine model, the Bora, which revolutionized the company’s product line. The Merak followed in 1972, and the Ghibli was replaced by the Khamsin in 1974.

The mid-70s saw the de Tomaso era, when Argentinian industrialist and racing driver became CEO of Maserati. By the early 80s, the Biturbo was introduced – this modern coupe soon proved to be one of Maserati’s most successful models, selling 40,000 units over the span of its production run. The 80s also saw a joint venture with Chrysler (the Chrysler TC) as well as the introduction of the luxurious Royale and the V8 grand tourer, the Maserati Shamal.

Today, Maserati is owned by Fiat and Ferrari, with models like the 6th-generation Quattroporte (aimed at the Mercedes-Benz S-class) and an all-new Ghibli, which goes up against the Mercedes-Benz E-class and BMW 5-series. There’s also an all-new SUV, the Levante, and the Alfieri, a 2 + 2 grand tourer.

At Modena Motorsport, we’re proud to service Maserati along with McLaren, Ferrari and other makes. We’ve got some of the best factory-trained technicians you’ll find anywhere, and the tools and expertise to make sure every job is done right the first time. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these thoroughbred cars, you’ll find us conveniently located in the heart of West Los Angeles, on La Cienega Blvd, convenient to Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Bel Air and Brentwood. We believe that everything turns on relationships, and we’re committed to building a lifelong relationship with our customers. Whether you need repairs, routine maintenance or just an oil change, we hope that Modena Motorsports will be your first choice for your Maserati needs!

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About Los Angeles

The busy and exciting metropolis of Los Angeles is located on the sunny west coast and has close to four million residents, in addition a staggering 45.5 million tourists come here each year. After New York, Los Angeles is the next most widely-populated city in America, and rightly so. Granted, this is the location you can do a little celebrity-spotting or down one of those mouth-watering pieces of avocado toast, however the impressive, modern architecture and sunny climate, make it a whole lot more special. Here you will find a booming economy, a spread out community, inspirational innovation and stunning landscape. From Rodeo Drive all the way to Hollywood Boulevard, this is one exciting destination, boasting a wealth of exciting experiences just waiting to happen.

A Look At The History

Whilst Los Angeles is now home to the nation’s film industry, smoothie shops, and much much, in the past it was simply an unsettled region where hunters would gather together and head for the many rivers and shores. It was in 1769 that the first Mexican and Spanish settlers set foot here, in time this region became home to a variety of Uto-Aztec indigenous groups.

September 4th, 1781 was the day that a permanent colonial settlement was set up – wait for it – El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles di Porciúncula. The name was given as a mark of honor to the shrine of Virgin Mary, Santa Maria degli Angeli, this shrine is found in an Italian village, Saint Francis’. At first, the settlers were able to get by on farming the fertile land by the river, however, in time the land became overworked and stopped giving produce. On April 4, 1850, the town received the official name, Los Angeles, but it was already dry-washed.

All the same, people still came to the area. There was no graded streets, no sidewalk, no lights, no water system and not even one public building. Each Saturday morning, the people of the town would sweep the area of street in front of the house. It was the home owners of road facing houses who had the responsibility of placing a light at their door to provide lighting for the first hours of darkness. In addition, the town wasn’t really cemented and the resident only numbered 1,610. Today, Los Angeles is full of lights of all colors and homes around four million people in the 7,366 miles of street network.

A Look At The Demographics

In Los Angeles you will find residents from over 140 countries, with 224 identified languages spoken, indeed this is a melting point of people and cultures. Around 47-49% of the population is Hispanic/Latinx, then there are Non-Hispani Whites at around 29.4%, Asian groups at 10.7%, Black or African American at 9.8%, and ‘Other’ cover the remaining 25.2%.

The two most popular languages spoken are English and Spanish, respectively 40.2% and 43.6% feel their level of language is at, speaking ‘very well’. After that a variety of other Indo-European languages are at 7% and Asian/Pacific Islander languages are at approximately 4%.

In Los Angeles, California, 53.43% say they are religious, 36.96% are Catholic, 1.55% are LDS, 5.23% belong to another Christian faith, 1.11% are Jewish, 1.15% belong to an Eastern faith and 0.71% belong with Islam.

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