A Ferrari is quite the investment, which makes proper maintenance especially important. Exotic cars require special care to ensure a long life and optimal performance. These Ferrari maintenance tips will help you keep your precious ride in great condition.

Better Driving Habits

If you drive in an area with low-quality roads or like to drive fast and hard, you have to accept the risks that come with that. Should you damage your wheels, a new set will cost you nearly $4,000. Damage to more major parts of the vehicle, such as the axles or suspension, can cost you even more in parts and labor. While it may be tempting to unleash the full potential of your Ferrari, it’s best to do so sparingly due to the high repair costs.

Be Proactive

Ferrari maintenance is going to cost more no matter what; that’s part of the deal you signed up for when you bought an exotic car. While the price of oil and other fluids may hurt your wallet, nothing will do more damage than neglecting maintenance until it’s too late. An oil change will run you about $200, which is well worth preventing major engine damage and thousands in future repair costs.

It’s the Little Things

When you spend $1,000 on a car, there’s no reason to go to extreme lengths to keep it in pristine condition. Now that you have a Ferrari, it’s time to take all of the extra preventive maintenance steps you may have overlooked in the past. Keeping your car covered at all times (yes, even when it’s in a carport or garage) is crucial to protecting the paint job, which would cost a fortune to have redone. Be sure to keep your Ferrari in a covered, dry area such as a garage or carport. For those who own a home with no garage, portable canvas car shelters can be purchased online for as little as $100. While they don’t fully replace garages, the added protection from wind, rain and debris is worth the price.

You should also schedule regular maintenance appointments for your Ferrari. Many problems can be prevented with regular fluid changes, tuning and detailing, saving you money and giving you peace of mind on the road.

Only Use Professionals

It’s always important to use mechanics who know what they’re doing, but it’s absolutely imperative that Ferrari maintenance be performed by trained professionals. Many Ferrari parts are still manufactured by hand using special techniques, so your buddy who restores classic cars won’t have the know-how to work with Ferraris. Do some research and find a shop that specializes in Ferraris, then have them check out your car and discuss options for regularly scheduled maintenance.

The investments of time and money that come with owning a Ferrari may seem daunting at first, but regular maintenance will actually save you time and money in the long run. You may have to take extra steps to care for your Ferrari, but it’s absolutely worth the incomparable feeling of driving an expertly crafted vehicle.
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