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Factory Recommended Services and Maintenance

Modena Motorsport is proud to provide factory recommended services and maintenance in Los Angeles, CA. Our specialty is Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Lotus, Ferrari, McLaren, Maserati and other vehicles. You can trust your high-end European vehicle’s maintenance and factory recommended services to Modena Motorsport!
With today’s engines pushing the envelope of performance and reliability, engine tolerances are getting tighter and tighter. So what, exactly, is so important about Factory Recommended Services?


We’ll start with the basic oil change. Oil changes done on time greatly increase the longevity of the engine. Other than lubricating the engine, the oil also helps to keep the internal parts of the engine clean and free of deposits. Infrequent oil changes can cause the oil to break down, leaving harmful deposits behind. Over time, the deposits build up and reduce engine performance. In extreme cases, the oil passages can become blocked, not allowing oil to get to key areas of the engine.

Just as important as the oil is the oil filter. It helps to collect deposits and particles that are moving through the engine. Once the filter has collected as much as it can hold, oil will bypass the filter and continue to circulate throughout the engine. Oil filters should always be changed at the same time as the engine oil.

Air Filter

The air filter has one job -to filter the air going into the engine. Without the air filter, dirt in the air would pass right through to the engine.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter keeps the fuel the engine burns free of contaminants that can clog fuel injectors and decrease engine performance. Clogged injectors can lead to major problems, including rough idle and hard starting or worse-stalling and failure to start.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are a major component to a Factory Recommended Service and Maintenance package. An engine needs 3 things to run -fuel, air, and spark. Spark plugs are housed in the combustion chamber, and cannot last forever. Over time, they wear away, decreasing performance along the way. Eventually, the electrode tip will disappear completely and the plug will fail to fire. When this happens on one cylinder, the engine will develop a misfire. Generally, spark plugs will wear down at the same rate across all cylinders. Mileage will decrease, the engine will idle and accelerate poorly, and eventually the engine can fail to start.

Cabin Air Filter

The Cabin Air Filter filters the air that comes into the cabin of the vehicle. In other words, it filters the air the driver and passengers breathe. Just like engine air filters, cabin air filters will become clogged up and dirty over time. If left unattended for too long, moldy, musty smells can be sent through the cabin. It is a good idea to have the cabin air filter checked at every service visit.

Tire and Wheel Balance

Balancing tires and wheels is a crucial part of the Factory Recommended Services for your vehicle. Out of balance tires and wheels can do more than reduce the ride quality of a vehicle. Unbalanced tires and wheels can actually reduce tire life and fuel mileage.


Many manufacturers include alignments in their Factory Recommended Services, and for good reason. Just like unbalanced tires and wheels, an improperly aligned vehicle can drastically reduce tire life. Potholes, curbs, bumps, etc. can all cause alignment to be jarred out of specification. Often times, the impact is so minimal that the driver doesn’t realize a problem could be present. Having the vehicle’s alignment checked and adjusted can also improve ride quality.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that Factory Recommended Services and Maintenance is important, and end up paying large repair bills later. The best insurance against costly repairs is to always follow the maintenance schedule laid out by the car maker.

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