Is a new Ferrari the next car for you?

Anybody familiar with higher end sports cars is familiar with the name Ferrari. Italian super cars that with one look tell the world you like to go fast and have nice things. That doesn’t mean that only single men can drive a Ferrari, if you have the money anyone can look good behind the wheel of one of these beauties.

If you’re going to take the leap and buy a Ferrari you might as well make the full plunge and get a new one. These sleek luxury vehicles start out at about $189,000 for the base model and range up to $400,000. Buying a new Ferrari isn’t going to be cheap, but with that price comes a well made dependable vehicle. If you want a Ferrari that is a little above the most basic option, but don’t want the most expensive one available either the 2016 488 GTB might be the right choice for you. With a sticker price of $275,000 it is a middle of the road option for people looking to purchase a new Ferrari.

Even though Ferrari’s aren’t just for old men going through a midlife crisis, they definitely aren’t a family car. They are built for speed and performance instead of to carry families around. They have a mid engine, meaning the engine is in the middle of the car instead of directly in front. The front space usually occupied by the engine is instead where the trunk is located.

Once you’ve decided which model is the best fit for you, its time to decide on making the car truly yours. Choosing the color that fits your personality best is just the beginning, there are plenty of add ons and extras so you can make this car exactly what you want it to be.

Ferrari makes nine different models of luxury sports cars, which gives you plenty to choose from. The available models vary in convertible and coupe, which means they are driveable in any climate.

If you are looking for a well made but kind of flashy luxury vehicle and are able to drop that kind of money, Ferrari is the right choice for you. With tons of options, safety features that give you peace of mind and a long history of making people happy it would be hard to go wrong. Check out all this great car company has to offer today and see yourself in a Ferrari.