Cleaning a Maserati interior is an easy process that you should try occasionally and reduce the expenses of paying for such services. Like many people, you probably spend a lot of time in your car moving from one location to another. Your Maserati can get very dirty inside with stains, food remains, and other materials littering the interior.

However, do not worry about it since cleaning a Maserati interior is very easy if you use the following guidelines:

1. Get Appropriate Cleaning Products and Materials

Is your car’s interior pure leather, fabric, or a combination of both? Understanding your car’s interior will help you to get the cleaning products that suit it. There are specific products for leather and fabric interiors implying that it is crucial to have the appropriate ones (I recommend an all-purpose cleaner). In addition to selecting suitable cleaners, have a vacuum cleaner, a vinyl cleaner, a windows’ cleaner, water, and a hose pipe.

2. Remove Large Debris and Dirt From your Car

If your car is dirty, you may notice that it has large pieces of dirt such as food remains, paper bags, and receipts lying on its floor. Look for such dirt on the car floor and between the seats and take it all out. This process will ensure that all the large visible debris is removed and that the car is ready for vacuuming.

3. Remove Floor Mats

Whether your Maserati’s floor mats are made of rubber or carpet, gently remove them from the car ensuring that any dirt on them does not fall back into the car’s interior. A lot of dirt falls on the floor mats. Once outside, dump any loose dirt from them by lightly beating them against a wall or with a broom.

4. Vacuum the Floor and Floor Mats of Your Maserati

Ensure that you use an upholstery attachment without bristles on the vacuum in this process. Firstly focus on all the carpeted surfaces ensuring that all loose dirt is picked up. Go over the carpet several times in back and forth movement to ensure that all the dirt is sucked out.

The area around the accelerator and the breaks is often the dirtiest since it’s where the driver’s legs rest. As such, it is important to pay special attention to this area.

Once all the carpeted areas are clean, now you can move to the floor mats. Using the same upholstery attachment, vacuum them vigorously to ensure all dirt that may be embedded into the fabric is removed.

5. How to Clean Vinyl or Rubber Floors in your Car (Only for cars with such floor)

If you have a vinyl or rubber floor in your car, use soap and water in a bucket. With a rag and a stiff-bristled brush, gently apply the water with a rag on the floor then lift off the dirt with the brush. To reduce excessive use of water, use the vacuum cleaner or wipe with a clean cloth. Repeat process until the floor is clean and no dirt is visible.

6. Clean the Plastic and Vinyl Segments of your Maserati

Ensure that you have clean rags or microfiber cloths and a vinyl cleaner. To begin with, dust off the plastic and vinyl surfaces in your car by wiping them using the cloth or a rag. The second step is to apply the vinyl cleaner on the clean rag or microfiber and then wipe the vinyl surfaces with the rag. Focus on the door panels, glove box, steer wheel column covers, among other areas.
After that, remove any excess vinyl with a cloth and if possible, use a clean cloth to do that. Wipe until the entire surface is clean and a streak-free finish is attained.

7. Clean the Seats

If you have leather seats, ensure that you have a leather cleaner, a leather conditioner, and microfiber cloth. Start by spraying the leather cleaner on a rag then wiping all the leather surfaces with it. Once the cleaner is dry, only then should you apply the leather conditioner.

8. Lastly, Clean the Windows

The windows should be the last segments to be cleaned. This ensures that any conditioner or cleaners that landed on them can be removed to ensure that your car remains spot-free.
To clean the windows, apply glass cleaner on a microfiber and gently wipe the windows till they are clean.