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BMW, as an automotive company, rose from the ashes of WWI; the Rapp Motorenwerke firm was prohibited from making aircraft engines under the Treaty of Versailles, and BMW was then established as a business entity. By 1923, BMW was making motorcycles, and automobile production started in the late 20s. Their first production car was the Dixi, based on the Austin 7 and licensed from Austin Motor Company.

By WWII, BMW ramped up production of aircraft engines again for the Luftwaffe, including a pioneering turbojet engine for German fighter planes. Their successful radial piston-engine designs gave the company a considerable headstart in engineering for the postwar years, and one of their first autos in the 1950s was the tiny three-wheel Isetta, a license-built version of an Italian design.

In 1966, BMW acquired Glas, a small German car company, mainly for their timing belt/overhead cam patent, and continued making Glas models briefly under the BMW name. By that time, though, the company already had a very successful line of their own, including cars like the 3200 CS Coupe, the 1500 sedan and 2000/2002 sedan. These “New Class” models boasted engineering features like front disc brakes, independent suspension all around and MacPherson struts, all rare for the time, and helped lay the groundwork for the 3 Series of the 1970s and 80s.

Today, BMW’s reputation as an upper-tier maker of performance cars has been unimpeachable for years. Along with coupes and sedans, BMW has expanded into crossovers, SUVs, wagons, hybrids and full-electric vehicles and exotic supercar models inspired by their decades in motorsport and racing.

BMW is also a pioneer in driver assistance technology – their latest advance is the ConnecteDrive system, which merges functions based on GPS, information technology and telecom through the vehicle’s on-board computer. Intelligent Parking, Intelligent Driving and Intelligent Vision are just a few more of BMW’s driver assistance systems, integrating real time traffic info, concierge services, emergency calling, remote services, connective technology and more into a complete, comprehensive package for drivers.

If you’re driving a BMW, your expectations are already high. You want the type of service and expertise that befits a car like a BMW, and that’s what you can expect at Modena Motorsport. Our factory-trained techs are qualified for Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren, BMW and a number of other high-end brands, with decades of experience and the tools to make sure that every job is done right the first time.

We’re conveniently located in West Los Angeles, near West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Brentwood, and we cater to the drivers who can appreciate what their high-end vehicles really have to offer. Whether your BMW needs something as simple as an oil change or routine maintenance or something more involved such as major repairs or performance mods, we hope you’ll make an appointment with Modena Motorsport. Professionalism, integrity, expertise and dedication all mean that your BMW will be in good hands with us – call us today.

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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is well known for being a busy metropolis that is set in the west coast sun, giving home to roughly four million residents as well as 45.5 million tourists that come through each year. This is the second most widely populated city, listed right after New York City, and for very good reason. The area is stacked high with modern, sleek architecture and then wrapped in breezes warm from the coast. It is much more than a place where you can go to catch a glimpse of a famous face, or when you want to get an incredible piece of avocado toast. This is the home to a community that is sprawling, an economy that is thriving, and it is rich with beautiful surroundings and stellar innovation. From Hollywood Boulevard all the way to Rodeo Drive, the city of Los Angeles is a whirlwind experience that is just longing to be discovered.

Local Government

When it comes to the form of government, Los Angeles offers a Mayor-Council-Commission form. This means that there will be a Mayor, a city controller and a city attorney that are all elected by the residents once every four years. There are also fifteen council members that represent the fifteen districts that are elected for four year terms by the residents for a maximum of three terms.

The county government in Los Angeles offers services such as voter registration and elections, law enforcement, records, health care, jails, tax collection and a number of social related services that span across the county itself. Made up of a five member board of elected supervisors, there are several other elected offices for District Attorney, Sheriff, Assessor and a number of entities and county departments that are all under the supervision of their Chief Executive Officer. The county also serves as local government for any areas that are unincorporated.

The board works to operate its executive, legislative and quasi-judicial capacity, maintaining final venue of appeal within the local planning processes. The local Los Angeles government sees to it that every aspect of the community will be covered, offering comprehensive boards, commissions and bureaus that cover it all from cultural heritage to safety, street lighting, ethics, recreation, public works, affordable housing, finance, public libraries and so much more.

The current elected offices as of 2017 are Eric Garcetti as Mayor, Mike Feuer as City Attorney, and Ron Galperin as City Controller.

Fun Los Angeles Facts

While you have been given all of the technical aspects of the city, there is a whole lot of quirky, zany goodness that this city as to offer. Beverly Hills used to be the location of a lima bean ranch, yet it is now a place where all of the celebrities love to play.

Did you also know that the very famous Hollywood signed used to actually spell out Hollywoodland instead? It was originally put up as a way to advertise a particular real estate adventure in the area.

Another little known fact is that there are about 11 miles of hidden tunnels that go under all of the streets of Los Angeles. They used to be utilized as a way to transport money, prisoners, booze and bodies all throughout the prohibition era. However, after the earthquakes and the events of 9/11, many of the tunnels have been closed off completely. There are rumors that there are a few openings that exist.

Speaking of earthquakes, Los Angeles has about 10,000 of them each year, yet the majority of them are small enough that nobody notices them.

Did you also know that it is illegal to actually lick a toad if you are within the city limits?

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