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At first glance, the ownership structure behind the Porsche brand can be almost too convoluted to understand. Though the company acts as its own, separate entity in the luxury automotive segment, it’s actually owned by Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, often referred to as Volkswagen Group. It wasn’t always this way, however. In fact, Volkswagen’s current ownership of the Porsche brand is one of the more ironic developments in the European automotive industry over the past several decades. To fully understand how these two brands are uniquely intertwined, it’s worth looking at the origins of each. Read More

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is in Southern California, and it is is one of the most popular cities in the U.S. It is universally renowned for its film and entertainment industry, Hollywood. The city has a warm climate and magnificent beaches. Its wealth of culture is another attraction to this city. The diverse mixture of things to do and places to visit make L.A. the best destination for anyone, all year round.
J Paul Getty Museum

Richard Meier designed it. It measures 0.75 square miles and sits on 110 acres. The museum is situated in the Santa Monica Mountains. The beautiful grounds, unique design, and setting are worth the visit. J Paul Getty, the late oil magnate, created the museum. The collections range from Roman and Greek antiquities to the modern art. The museum consists of several buildings, a central garden, café, and a restaurant.
Griffith Park and Observatory

It is set in the eastern part of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is the biggest state park in California and covers an area of 4,210 acres. In the park, there is the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles Zoo, a planetarium, a riding center built for the 1984 Olympic Games, a Greek theater, tennis courts, golf courses, etc. Drives, as well as walking trails to the mountains, provide a spectacular view. The Observatory is situated on a hilltop in the outskirts of the city, and it offers viewing opportunities 24/7. People view the planets and the moon using the Zeiss telescope. In addition, there are multiple solar telescopes for viewing the sun. The park is named in courtesy of Griffith J. who donated most of the land to the city for the setting of the park.
Music Center

This performing arts center is located at the top of Bunker Hill. It is one of the largest performing centers in the United States. There are four venues, which are ideal for the family. The venues include the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Ahmanson Theatre, the Mark Taper Forum, and Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The Walt Disney is the most uniquely designed building with the main auditorium resembling a ship’s hull. The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion hosts Los Angeles Opera performances.
Venice Beach

This beach merits the reputation. It has a broad stretch of golden sand backed up by a great walk away that is thronged with people jogging, cycling, walking, or rollerblading. Muscle Beach is among the most pleasant areas of Venice Beach, where people go to bask and obtain vitamin D. Several eclectic shops sell all sorts of scarce goods on the walkway. People who want to enjoy a family friendly experience head to the coast, near Santa Monica Beach.

Los Angeles is not renowned for hiking, but it should. With the almost-perfect weather, amazing geology, distinct climate, and a nearby wilderness, L.A. is the perfect destination for someone who wants to stay outdoors. Santa Monica Mountains have trails that are less shaded and with lower elevation as compared to San Gabriel Mountains. In these mountains, you will come across wonderful wildflower blooms and native California Grassland. Other hiking trails include the Mishe Mokwa Trails, Tri Peaks, Los Liones Trail, Malibu Creek State Park, etc.

The city was once a farm town. The hills were covered with dairy farms and orchards, with agriculture as the backbone of the industry. Even though the city is modernized, it still maintains the local, seasonal, and sustainable philosophy at most levels, from street snacks to fine dining. In places like Santa Monica and Hollywood, you will spot top-notch chefs scouring farm stands to get fresh produce. Yet, their status of the celebrity chef is not tainted.

The city offers a variety of diets. People go to the San Gabriel Valley for ramen, dim sum, and taco lounges. The Korean town is legendary for its delicious Korean meals and ‘the Valley’ is famous for its epic sushi. Latin dishes are also served in the city. There are very many dining options and sometimes it is tough to select between nouveau Mexican bistros, Peruvian restaurants, and Tijuana-style taco trucks.

The most suitable way for a family to get about Los Angeles and enjoy their trip is by renting a car. There are family cars, which include a child safety seat. In L.A., there is a culture of giving taxi drivers, deliverymen, and bartenders a few bucks. Disregard this tipping culture is disrespectful.

A family tour to the City of Angels is incomparable, from cooling your heels in a classy hotel pool to grabbing chicken nuggets at the Rainforest Café, and the non-stop nightlife. There are plenty of activities to keep the parents as well as the little ones excited.

Los Angeles Vintage

One of the most popular vacation cities in America with loads of attractions is Los Angeles. The warm, dry weather encourages visitors to spend plenty of time in the fresh air and sunshine. Of course, there are the movie studios and Disneyland, but visitors can fill itineraries with so much more. This is due to the diverse activities found at museums, parks, arts and culture venues, and monuments. Here is a look at each of these with suggestions of where to have a fun time.


The Getty Villa and the Getty Center offer a cultural experience with world-class exhibitions. Splendid gardens at the villa have fountains and ponds with Roman, Greek, and Etruria antiquities that date back to the 6,500 BC era. Its location is in the backdrop of the Pacific Palisades community. The center is located in an architectural masterpiece with artwork from various categories including antiquities, drawings, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and manuscripts. It is the leading museum in Los Angeles with another more contemporary must-see collection at the renowned wax museum. The Hollywood Wax Museum is located on Hollywood Boulevard with the Hollywood Walk of Fame right outside its front door. Tourists should bring their cameras as this museum encourages photos with favorite star statues. There will be a few high end cars in the parking lot of either venue with celebrity status owners touring the facilities. Read More

Los Angeles Night

Sprawled across more than 450 square miles (not including the five county metro region that surrounds it), if you can’t find an unlimited amount of things to see and do in the Los Angeles area, then you haven’t tried. Besides being the world’s entertainment capital, Los Angeles offers countless attractions for not only every member of the family, it also has something for every preference and taste. Even the most demanding and hard-to-please visitor is guaranteed to discover an attraction to satisfy them.


The legendary Walt Disney’s original vision, iconic Disneyland has long been the ultimate destination for families from around the world, delighting millions of children and adults with its many theme parks that pay tribute to the countless Disney characters and unforgettable films that have become a part of the American tapestry.

No trip to Los Angeles would be complete without a visit to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the accompanying Hollywood Walk of Fame. Nearly a mile long, the sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard features the handprints of more than 1,600 (and growing) of Hollywood’s most legendary film stars.

‘The’ unquestioned landmark attraction of both Los Angeles is the famous Hollywood sign that’s undeniably the most recognizable feature of the entire area. Built in 1923 and overlooking the city, the sign consists of 45-foot tall letters and stretches longer (350 feet) than a football field.


For those who gravitate towards oceanside, fun in the sun activities, a sun-splashed day spent at Santa Monica Pier. Loaded with fun-filled amusement rides, games and many other hard-to-resist features, this landmark has long been a popular attraction.

A little more than two miles away from Santa Monica Pier is Venice Beach, a veritable hodgepodge of artists, fortune-tellers, magicians, musicians, specialty shops and vendors of every imaginable type. An afternoon spent strolling the boardwalk and just absorbing the sights and sounds is an adventure in itself.

After the non-stop activity of Venice Beach, a nice change of pace are the nearby Venice Canals, built in 1905 and designed to be a re-creation of the famous canals of Venice, Italy. Winding through the Venice neighborhood, these man-made waterways meander lazily among luxurious homes featuring impeccably manicured lawns. Sidewalks and arched bridges provide a relaxing and leisurely experience.


One of the best locations to take in virtually all of Los Angeles and surrounding area is the famous Griffith Observatory. Besides offering spectacular views, the journey alone through the winding hills of Griffith Park is an adventure in itself. The visuals provided are undoubtedly the primary appeal of the Observatory, but visitors also rave about the many fun, entertaining and informative exhibits that are scattered throughout this historic Los Angeles landmark.

For an unusual LA adventure, a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits in the Miracle Mile section of the city gives visitors a rare geological treat. A National Natural Landmark, this one-of-a-kind attraction was formed from natural asphalt that seeped up from beneath the earth’s surface over thousands of years, preserving local fauna, flora and even prehistoric wildlife that once roamed the area.


Since movies are Hollywood’s most famous export, a trip to Universal Studio’s Hollywood theme park gives visitors an opportunity to experience the magic of Tinseltown through various amusement adventures related to legendary films contained in the studio’s extensive library. From interactive exhibits to edge-of-the-seat rollercoaster rides and the very likely possibility of meeting movie stars, a day spent at this popular attraction is well worth it.

Another ‘must-see’ Los Angeles attraction that’s long been a popular destination is Rodeo Drive. Amidst the ferraris, more ferraris, Maseratis and stretch limousines are high-end shopping venues featuring exclusive names like Cartier, Gucci and Versace, part of a shopper’s paradise with a reputation for catering to the rich and famous. However, visitors may be surprised to also discover an abundance of moderately-priced shops that are perhaps more ‘budget-friendly.’ Regardless, a stroll along Rodeo Drive’s unique cobblestone sidewalks provides a taste of luxuriousness that’s certain to be an unforgettable experience.

The center of nightlife in Los Angeles is undoubtedly the Sunset Strip, a stretch of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood that’s bordered by Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Almost always busy, buses, bicyclists and pedestrians mingle with ferraris and Lamborghini’s along this famous live music and entertainment Mecca, home to such legendary clubs as the Whiskey a-Go Go, the Roxy Theatre, the Viper Room and the Comedy Club.

Los Angeles Map

When locals in Los Angeles need to get to various stores, parks, and malls, they use a variety of transportation options. If you’re planning to visit this city, you can admire the surroundings in a car, bus, shuttle, or taxi.


Because Los Angeles is a busy and heavily populated city, traffic usually builds up on the highways on a regular basis. However, most of the traffic moves quickly, so the process of navigating around other vehicles isn’t very complicated. If you’d like to visit multiple locations while following a schedule, you might want to invest in a mobile app that provides accurate traffic reports. Read More

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, after New York, and is considered a cultural and business hub for the western part of the country. The sprawling city is home to over four million people, with an additional 14 million tacked on in the official greater city metropolitan area. Often known within the region and the world as L.A., Los Angeles is the epicenter of the entertainment community and is the worldwide leader in production of television shows, video games, and recorded music, and trails only Mumbai, India, in terms of movie production. L.A. is known for its population diversity, notable Hispanic and Mexican cultural influence, and array of dining and nightlife options.

Location of Los Angeles

L.A. is located in southern California, and is the seat of Los Angeles County. This places the city in the extreme southwest of the United States, a few hundred miles away from the Mexican border. The combined statistical area (CSA) measurement includes the city of Long Beach, and the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) includes those cities and adds Anaheim to the mix. L.A. is south of major California population centers such as Sacramento, San Francisco, and Oakland, but north of San Diego, which is the closest major Californian city to Mexico. Read More

The Ferrari has been a highly esteemed race and street car brand since the early 1900’s. With its masterful crafting of race cars in the 1920’s, the Ferarri brand moved in the street car industry in 1947. Though almost all, if not all, of those early cars are no longer around, Ferarri continues to produce some of the most iconic motor vehicles of all time. Read More

Night Driving Safety

Cinco de Mayo is a fun holiday full of celebrations, parties and often, alcohol. If you plan to partake in the beer and margaritas that are present at most Cinco de Mayo festivities, keep these five simple tips in mind to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe this year.

1. Have a Designated Driver

This tip should be a no-brainer. Drinking and driving is never a good mix. If none of your friends want to stay sober for the day, you still have plenty of options. It might be a good idea to save a few local taxi service numbers into your phone, or you may even want to download the Uber app ahead of time for a more affordable ride home.

Public transit is also a great alternative, especially if you will be traveling with a group of friends. As a last resort, you can also check with your local police department prior to the festivities. Often, local precincts will gladly pick you up and escort you home if you have no other options. Read More

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