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How to buy a new Ferrari

Waiting becomes the biggest truth of ordering a new Ferrari, and because of the high demand, these luxury supercars have a wait list. Around 80 percent of your time will be spent in waiting. The simplest way to buy a Ferrari involves visiting a Ferrari dealership to specify the model you want. You will be run through the list of optional extras, and after that, you write a check for a deposit. The deposit amount depends on the model. For the most part, owning a Ferrari is the same as owning any other car, but there are a few key differences. First, you’ll pay much more for it. Not to mention, you will have to service the car more often, and this is preferably done at the dealership because they have certified Ferrari technicians who understand the brand. Read More

Is a new Ferrari the next car for you?

Anybody familiar with higher end sports cars is familiar with the name Ferrari. Italian super cars that with one look tell the world you like to go fast and have nice things. That doesn’t mean that only single men can drive a Ferrari, if you have the money anyone can look good behind the wheel of one of these beauties.

If you’re going to take the leap and buy a Ferrari you might as well make the full plunge and get a new one. These sleek luxury vehicles start out at about $189,000 for the base model and range up to $400,000. Buying a new Ferrari isn’t going to be cheap, but with that price comes a well made dependable vehicle. If you want a Ferrari that is a little above the most basic option, but don’t want the most expensive one available either the 2016 488 GTB might be the right choice for you. With a sticker price of $275,000 it is a middle of the road option for people looking to purchase a new Ferrari.

Even though Ferrari’s aren’t just for old men going through a midlife crisis, they definitely aren’t a family car. They are built for speed and performance instead of to carry families around. They have a mid engine, meaning the engine is in the middle of the car instead of directly in front. The front space usually occupied by the engine is instead where the trunk is located.

Once you’ve decided which model is the best fit for you, its time to decide on making the car truly yours. Choosing the color that fits your personality best is just the beginning, there are plenty of add ons and extras so you can make this car exactly what you want it to be.

Ferrari makes nine different models of luxury sports cars, which gives you plenty to choose from. The available models vary in convertible and coupe, which means they are driveable in any climate.

If you are looking for a well made but kind of flashy luxury vehicle and are able to drop that kind of money, Ferrari is the right choice for you. With tons of options, safety features that give you peace of mind and a long history of making people happy it would be hard to go wrong. Check out all this great car company has to offer today and see yourself in a Ferrari.

Since 1950, Ferrari racing history is rich with Formula One winners. As a manufacturer, it has concentrated on quality and never quantity. These supercars offer movie star good looks and race car capabilities. Prices range from the low $100,000s to the mid $300,000s for these exclusive coupes and convertibles.

Curb Appeal on Steroids

The prancing horse on the Ferrari logo asserts the car’s long lineage. Every coupe has a sculpted look with a graphic feel to its many elements. The headlights, hood vents, and grille form such a perfect symmetry that a bystander may feel like he is looking into the face of an animal. Buyers can choose from a more classic design or a futuristic feel since some exteriors focus solely on aerodynamics while others combine this emphasis with a nod to the car’s history. From any angle, it’s clear that this car was meant for speed.

Interiors Range from Swank to Spartan

The interior has that same emphasis on crisp graphic lines. Most cabins are glamorous and elegant. Of course, they are rich in soft touches, fine leathers, and the latest dash tech. Ferrari’s throwback elements include circular standalone gauges and circular air vents. The wraparound cockpit places every driving tool in reach. Regardless of style, craftsmanship must be exacting to achieve this standard of luxury.

In the case of the FT12tdf, the cabin is eye-catching, but it is downright Spartan with its patterned aluminum floors and carbon fibre shell. While a lightweight fabric trims the seats, Alcantara leather trims the cabin. There isn’t even a glove compartment in this model. The design focuses more on keeping the weight very low than on pampering the driver and passenger The Launch button at your right hand may make your forget the barebones feel.

F12 berlinetta Coupe

The F12 berlinetta can generate 731 horsepower at a rousing 8250 rpm. To make sure it does more with that power, engineers achieved a low weight ratio of 4.6 pounds per horse. The zoom factor is 3.1 seconds when racing from zero to 62 mph.

488 GTB Coupe and Convertible

Under the hood, the GTB has a 661-horsepower engine. In seventh gear, this car cranks out a torque rate of a 561 lb.-ft. Dropping its hard-top, the 488 Spider promises the same speedy delivery. The air intake scallop is a signature borrowed from the original 1950’s GTB. The dual grille opening is an aerodynamic touch that channels air into the two radiators.

California T

The newest Ferrari, the California T is a four-seater with a retractable hard-top. It rushes from 0 to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds. It helps to have 552 horses under the hood. The automaker achieved that figure with a turbo V8, active aerodynamics, and fine tuning.


As if the others weren’t exclusive enough, there are Ferrari Limited editions. The FT12tdf coupe rushes from 0 to 62 mph in a mere 2.9 seconds. It’s easy with a finely tuned V12 at your command. The weight ratio is a mere 3.9 pounds per horsepower. Ferrari engineers managed to increase horsepower from 730 to 769 at 8,500 rpm. Drivers definitely get the feeling that they are behind the wheel of a Formula One winner when they drive this car.


The others may stop your heart, but this one will get it going again. It has a maximum speed of 217 mph plus. It can do the sprint in less than three seconds. The horse count is 963 maximum from its impressive V12. This Limited Edition is the fastest commercial Ferrari to date. Drivers will need to take to the track to really make the most of this car’s power.

If your wallet allows you to do more than dream about SuperCars, there’s no doubt that a Ferrari should be on your must-drive list.

BMW is on the most well-known companies in the world. BMW began production in 1916. The company got its start manufacturing a variety of products including motorcycles and airplane engines. In fact, BMW produced one of the world’s first jet engines. Though BMW continues to this day in the motorcycle and airplane engine business, the company is best known as the maker of high quality automobiles that are recognized around the world due to their well deserved reputation for luxury and dependability.

5 Series

BMW’s 5 Series is one the company’s most expansive lines of vehicles. From the 528i Sedan to the 550 xDrive Gran Turismo, there is a 5 Series model to fit the needs of almost any driver. Though the 528i can be considered the base model of the 5 Series, the 528i still offers leather upholstery, a touchpad control that includes navigation on a 10.2 inch screen and a number of advanced safety features that help drivers to safely navigate city streets and open highways. The 550 xDrive Gran Turismo is loaded with additional comfort features like a dual moonroof and almost 40 inches of rear leg room which provides an open feel to every seat in the car. The Gran Turismo is a also a driver’s dream with an elevated seat for added comfort, a heads up display which projects navigation instructions onto the windshield and an advanced eight speed automatic transmission.


While most vehicles will stay on the road well past the old standard of 100,000 miles, BMW is a manufacturer who is known to produce quality vehicles that are expected to vastly exceed these expectations. Modern manufacturing practices and improved motor oil quality have combined to create engines and drivetrain components that will last for decades. Unfortunately, many lower quality cars will simply fall apart around an operating drivetrain. However, the innovative design and premium materials used in the manufacturing of BMW vehicles allow BMWs to stay on the road for decades. This long lifespan is one of the most attractive qualities to new BMW shoppers and the lifespan also helps older models to be a popular choice among used car shoppers who are looking for a good value.

Vehicle Safety

BMW has long been an industry leader in terms of vehicle safety. BMW is particularly well known for body designs that withstand accidents that other vehicles would not handle while also cushioning passengers from the force of a collision to minimize injuries. BMW also offers stop and go cruise control systems which not only operate the vehicle at a constant speed, but also slows the vehicle to maintain a safe following distance and then accelerates to regain the original speed. BMW also offers blind spot sensors that signal drivers through lights and vibration that another vehicle is in a blind spot during a lane change. By helping drivers to avoid accidents and designing cars to withstand accidents, BMW produces one of the safest vehicles on the road.

For several decades, Porsche has been widely known as one of the mot refined and reliable luxury automobile brands on the market. Widely available throughout Europe, Asia, and North and South America, it might be a bit difficult for some car buyers to discern exactly which country is responsible for bringing the Porsche brand to market. Read More

Fans of this icon have been waiting with baited breath for the 2017 model’s release. They will not be disappointed with the muscular turbo power train and the handling it delivers. Influencers such as Car and Driver got first dibs on test driving several of the 10 upcoming offerings. Their take is filled with nothing but praises and quite a bit of fawning about the plastic intakes and more horsepower. Improvements in fuel efficiency were a surprise with old numbers at 19mpg in the city and highway at 26mpg to the new 21 and 26 respectively.
Read More

Ferrari is one of the most accomplished automakers in history. The company’s background in racing has helped it to produce an array of world-class sports cars. Here are some of the top Ferrari models to hit the market this year.


Featuring a usable backseat, the all-new GTC4Lusso offers an extra level of versatility. Up to four people can ride aboard this high-performance driving machine. Furthermore, an advanced AWD system makes it an excellent performer in bad weather. Under the hood of the stylish hatchback sits a massive V12 engine. Ferrari tuned it to push out a stunning 680 horsepower and 515 pound-feet of torque. When tested at the track, the new GTC4Lusso recorded a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds. The car also comes loaded with a number of luxurious features, including a cutting-edge infotainment screen.

California T

If you are in the market for a blistering-fast convertible, the new California T should get your adrenaline pumping. Its sleek body and signature styling cues will force onlookers to stop and take notice. To give the convertible an awe-inspiring level of performance, Ferrari equipped it with a turbocharged V-8 engine. With a total output of 553 horsepower, the high-revving engine enables the California T to reach a top speed of 196 mph. An advanced traction control system helps keep drivers out of trouble. Ferrari also offers a new Handling Speciale package, which further enhances the car’s driving dynamics.



488 GTB

Automotive critics from around the globe rave about the 488 GTB’s combination of power and grace. An intoxicating exhaust note makes the 488 GTB an absolute thrill to drive. Its turbocharged V-8 engine produces a monstrous 660 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque. A seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic gearbox comes standard. Like its predecessor, the new 488 GTB has a ferocious appearance. However, its more aerodynamic body ensures better high-speed maneuverability. More than 25 eye-catching paint colors are offered. On the inside, a race-inspired steering wheel and a digital gauge cluster promise to keep drivers excited.




Very few cars on the market can outperform the new LaFerrari. Its V12 engine combines with an electric motor to develop a mesmerizing 949 horsepower. A top speed of 217 mph puts it among the fastest production cars ever created. The LaFerrari’s exotic styling makes it especially rewarding to own. Buyers can chose their favorite wheel design. When exiting the car, its doors swing upwards towards the sky. While sitting behind the wheel, drivers will feel like they are in an actual race car. Because of its limited production numbers, the LaFerrari has already become a living legend.

The first Ferrari was completed in 1947 in Maranello, a small town near Bologna in northern Italy. Maranello still houses all the executive offices as well as the GT and Formula 1 production and design areas. This initial 125 S model was the proud product of many years of determination and passion by the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. That particular 12-cylinder machine started the incredible journey of continued development of the company’s victorious, high-performance cars. Read More

Ferrari — New Prices In 2016

Established in 1939, Ferrari is an Italian Sports car manufacturer that has been producing some of the most famous and finest car models that the world has ever seen. Ferrari road cars have consistently held the reputation as a symbol of luxury, speed, and wealth. Here is our Ferrari price guide for 2016.

Ferrari F12Berlinetta


The priceless F12Berlinetta features everything you could ever possibly want from a Ferrari. Sure, it may cost more than your house, but it is simply one of the best cars in the world. The car is powered by a 730-hp 6.3-liter V-12 engine connected to a seven-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission with rear-wheel drive. In addition, the F12berlinetta features an aggressive alignment system which boosts turn and lateral gripping. Also, among Ferrari models, this car is one of the most comfortable for both driver and passengers.


Ferrari GTC4Lusso


$ 298,750

This car features a 6.3-liter V-12 engine and makes for 680 hp and 8000 RPMs. Otherwise, it is a four-seat supercar coupe—a rarity in the category—and a dual-clutch seven-speed transmission. This car tops out at a little over two hundred miles per hour and features a zero-to-sixty speed of 3.4 seconds. One of the nicest features of this model is Ferrari’s new 10.3 infotainment screen with capacitive-touch controls. Also, the GTC4Lusso is an all-wheel drive and even features four-wheel steering. It truly is unlike any other hatchback in its category.

Ferrari 488 GTB


The 488 GTB engine also revs up to about 8000 RPMs and garners amazing acceleration with its twin-turbo 3.9 liter v-8. Also, like the other Ferrari models, this car features a seven-speed sole transmission and should get from zero-to-sixty in about three seconds. in recent years, Ferrari has really worked to develop their adaptive suspension, and because of that, this model provides a comfortable and compliant ride without losing any action on the handling. Also, this specific model provides a retractable hard-top roof that lowers or raises at 25 miles-per-hour.

Ferrari 458 Speciale


The 458 Speciale is an old take on the Ferrari 458 Italia model. However, this adaptation of the Italia features many new and improved items, the first of which is easier and faster shifting. Otherwise, the Speciale turns quicker and stops shorter than its parent model the Italia. It is also two hundred pounds lighter. Another nifty update is the software features including the highly innovative “slip-control,” which is able to determine the car’s slip angle in real time and adjust your stability and agility. In other words, this car is truly unique innovation in the car market.

Ferrari California T


Representing Ferrari’s return to forced induction, this turbo Ferrari if a much tamer version of the prior F30 model. In other words, it is designed for daily wear, tear, and use. Oddly enough (for Ferrari), it even provides a cup holder. It is powered by a 552-hp 3.9-liter V-8 mated to a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. While not as fun as the 488 GTB model, the California T offers much agility and speed. Otherwise, the California T features a folding top which tucks nicely down into the top half of the trunk.

Ferrari 488 Spider


As another 8,000 RPM Ferrari model, 488 Spider gets plenty of get-up-and-go. Under the hood, the car features a 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8, seven-speed dual clutch transmission with rear wheel drive. One of the features that really makes this model stand out is its braking, turning, and throttle immediacy—you’ll really feel the response time in your hands as your shift the transmission. It also features one of the best Ferrari zero-to-sixty times at about 2.8 seconds. Also, the 488 simply looks the part—when you drive this car down the road, it feels like you’re driving a wonderfully crafted piece of modern art.

Ferrari LaFerrari


We saved the best—and most expensive—for last. At the over one million dollar price tag, this car may just be worth every penny. It is styled like a fighter jet and drives like one too. This car nearly pushes the thousand mark in the horsepower category at 950-hp. The extra hp boost comes from an innovation in electric motors, which function alongside the traditional engine. But, this isn’t your grandmother’s hybrid. This car features the single fastest zero-to-sixty speed of any other car on this list at 2.4 seconds. There are many other features that make this car one of the finest and fast in the world but those are a few of our favorites.

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