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Beverly Hills Ferrari Service
While Beverly Hills, California, has a reputation for luxurious living with several celebrities proudly calling it home, if you are a visitor, then there is plenty to do in the city. This city located about 10 miles east of Los Angeles is home to many fabulous things to do.

Go Out to Eat

A variety of restaurants makes Beverly Hills a great place to dine. Get a great steak at Oscar Prime, a Tuna Cornettes Pizza at Spago Beverly Hills or enjoy Sunday brunch at The Polo Lounge. Families find many wonderful dining establishments waiting to serve them including Genwa Korean BBQ, Piccolo Paradiso and Da Pasquale.

Party Like a Celebrity

Beverly Hills has a very active nightlife. Try a unique cocktail at the Honors Bar, a Moscow Mule at Bar Bouchon or a whiskey and gin at £10. Dance around the pool to international DJs at the Hollywood Roosevelt. Enjoy the great views from many rooftop bars including Montage Beverly Hills and the Waldorf Astoria.

Reconnect with Nature

While Beverly Hills has a cosmopolitan vibe, there are plenty of places to reconnect with nature. See the iconic Beverly Hills sign at Beverly Gardens Park while admiring the beautiful fountains. Tour the gorgeous Greystone Mansion & Gardens – The Doheny Estate with its historic mansion built in 1928. Stroll around Coldwater Canyon Park while letting children play on the playground.

Explore Art

You will discover many buildings in Beverly Hills has wonderful artwork, and you will definitely want to try to coordinate your schedule to attend the art festivals held in May and December each year at Beverly Gardens Park. You will also want to arrange a tour of the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation. Explore how the media has changed people’s perception of art at the Paley Center for Media. Get a new piece of art for your home or office at the Mouche Gallery. If you love Andy Warhol, then make plans to stop at the Revolver Gallery.

Support the Local Economy

Beverly Hills offers many unique shopping venues waiting for you to come explore them. Julia Roberts’ “Pretty Woman” movie introduced the world to the two-mile long Rodeo Drive shopping extravaganza where you can find flagship locations for some of the most luxurious stores in the world and is home to the Walk of Style featuring many important designers. Each Father’s Day, this road turns becomes home to the Concours d’Elegance where some of the most expensive cars in the world are on display. Do not miss the opportunity to shop at the 45 stores in the Rodeo Collection and the stores at Two Rodeo Drive. The Beverly Hills Farmers Market is also a great place to shop on Sundays for fresh food to sustain you while you travel.

Drive Along Mulholland Drive

The 21-mile Mulholland Drive offers many outstanding views of Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and the Santa Monica Mountains. Keep your eyes peeled for homes of many stars that are built just off this road. The path for this winding road was laid out in 1924 when Hollywood was just being developed.

See a Show

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences often hosts public screenings of new movies before they are released to the public. Mark your calendar to attend one of these world premieres. You can also see temporary exhibits in the lobby based on popular movies, actors or actresses.

Visit Iconic Architecture

In addition to the Greystone Manor, this city has many famous buildings. Drive by the storybook The Spadena House that some describe as the witch’s house and the ultra-modern Sheats-Goldstein House that has been featured in many television shows and movies including Charlie’s Angels, The Big Lebowski and Pulp Fiction.

Hear a Live Performance

The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts is the perfect place to hear a live performance. Dance shows happen here every Sunday throughout the summer. Theater performances often happen here. In addition, this venue often offers the best in classical music. Meanwhile, the Saban Theater that was constructed in 1930. Even if you cannot catch a show, this Art Deco building is worth visiting.

Take a Tour

You can take a tour of Beverly Hills in many different ways. Some people prefer the luxury of a limousine while others prefer to explore the city by bus. More adventurous souls even go on Segway, biking and hiking tours of the city. You can even participate in a giant scavenger hunt to see who can find the most things in Beverly Hills in the shortest amount of time.

You will want to visit Beverly Hills very soon with so many fun things to do in this city.


Automakers like German company BMW make luxury-branded vehicles that focus on a wider consumer base. Thus, you do not necessarily need to be a millionaire to afford a Bimmer. For example, the compact crossover X1 and the 2-Series small coupe each cost less than $40,000. Also, BMW has a vast range of vehicles that cover various body styles: sedans, coupes, convertibles, wagons, SUVs, and hatchbacks. Standouts include the 3-Series, which is the company’s best-selling model thanks to an affordability coupled with world-class fit-and-finish quality and spirited performance; and the 7-Series sedan, which is BMW’s flagship car and functions as a gateway for the company’s tech and exterior-design innovations. Interestingly, BMW started off as an aircraft engine producer upon its founding in 1916, during the first World War. BMW began production of automobiles in 1928, soon after the restrictions of the Armistice Treaty were lifted. Read More

Ferrari Service Beverly Hills


Once rated as the most powerful brand (auto or otherwise), Ferrari, also an Italian manufacturer, has been around since 1939, when founder Enzo Ferrari spun off the race division of Alfa Romeo. The first Ferarri-badged vehicle was rolled out in 1947. Sticking to its racing heritage more steadfastly than any other automaker in history, Ferrari is reputed to be the most successful racing team in Formula One. It has won 16 constructors championships and 15 winning drivers: the most in the auto racing event. Ferrari’s specialty is in sports cars (e.g., the 488 coupe and convertible) and 2+2 grand tourers (e.g., the California T), most of which are powered by twin-turbocharged V8 engines. Read More

Maserati Service Beverly Hills


Maserati’s tagline is “Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars”—and the Italian automaker has stuck to it since it was founded by a quintet of brothers in 1914. Its heritage can be traced to building race cars with engines comprising four, six, eight, or 16 cylinders. Nowadays, Maserati is best known for its Quattroporte and Ghibli models. The Quattroporte, which is a full-size four-door sports luxury saloon (indeed, its name in Italian literally means “four doors”), has had six production cycles since 1963 and is currently powered by a 3.0- or 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8; the smaller and much newer Ghibli uses the 3.0-liter V8. Maserati also offers the Levante, which made history as the company’s first SUV; and there’s the two-door, four-seat GranTurismo coupe and convertible as a nod to the company’s racing heritage. Maserati’s cars are especially famous for their exclusive, made-to-order aura. Read More

What You Need To Know About Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Ferrari Service

Situated in L . A . County in California, Beverly Hills is bordered by West Hollywood and L . A .. It had been originally a Spanish ranch renowned for your expansion of lima beans and was incorporated in 1914 by a small group of investors who couldn’t find oil but found water then developed it right into a town. At the time of 2013, the population increased to 34,658. It really is also known as 90210, one of many city’s primary zip codes and was house to numerous celebrities and actors within the twentieth century. The city’s main attractions range from the Beverly Hills Oil Field as well as the Rodeo Drive shopping district. Read More

Los Angeles Maserati and Ferrari Service

Los Angeles, the bustling metropolis soaking up the west coast sun gives home to nearly four million residents and a whopping 45.5 million tourists yearly. It’s America’s second most widely-populated city (after New York City) and for good reason. Stacked with sleek modern architecture wrapped in warm coastal breezes, it’s more than just a place to catch a famous face or snag an amazing slice of avocado toast. It’s home to a thriving economy, sprawling community, stellar innovation, and beautiful surroundings. From Rodeo Drive to Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles is a comprehensive experience just waiting to be discovered. Read More

Cleaning a Maserati interior is an easy process that you should try occasionally and reduce the expenses of paying for such services. Like many people, you probably spend a lot of time in your car moving from one location to another. Your Maserati can get very dirty inside with stains, food remains, and other materials littering the interior.

However, do not worry about it since cleaning a Maserati interior is very easy if you use the following guidelines:

1. Get Appropriate Cleaning Products and Materials

Is your car’s interior pure leather, fabric, or a combination of both? Understanding your car’s interior will help you to get the cleaning products that suit it. There are specific products for leather and fabric interiors implying that it is crucial to have the appropriate ones (I recommend an all-purpose cleaner). In addition to selecting suitable cleaners, have a vacuum cleaner, a vinyl cleaner, a windows’ cleaner, water, and a hose pipe. Read More

While most people ensure their car’s interior and exterior is clean, they often neglect the engine, which is equally or even more important to the wellbeing of their vehicles. A clean engine has many advantages to the owner and should be cleaned often to ensure that the car functions optimally.

Cleaning a Maserati engine is as easy as indicated in the following steps:

Preparing the Engine for Cleaning Read More

You’ve got the car of your dreams. Now, you simply need to maintain it to keep it looking and performing at its best.

What is the best way to clean the seats of your Maserati without causing damage or decreasing your car’s value? Follow these simple steps to keep your car’s upholstery squeaky clean. Read More

Cleaning a Ferrari engine may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite easy to do. While it may take a bit of time, even if you’re new to maintaining a vehicle yourself, the steps needed are clear and very easy to complete.

Before doing anything else, when cleaning your Ferrari engine, check the temperature. Always make sure your engine is cooled completely before cleaning. Next, you’ll want to make sure you protect any water sensitive parts or seals. Wrap them in plastic, and secure with electrical tape. This will ensure that parts not meant to be submerged in water will not be compromised during the cleaning process. It’s also a good idea to tape off seals that may not need to be covered, but which could be pushed off when spraying the Ferrari engine with water. Once you’re done securing the plastic and tape, adjust the pressure on your water jet. You want enough force to knock off the oil and dirt, but not so much that it causes damage. Read More

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